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51BondsReport on the bond of Hendrick W. Judkins, Agent to Superintend the repairs on the Baring to Houlton Road1837
52BondsReport on the bond of John H. Hartwell, Agent of the Insane Hospital1837
53BondsReport on the bond of David White, Agent for the Canada Road1837
54BondsReport on the bond of William Wilson, Agent for the Military Road1837
55BondsReport on the bond of Nathaniel M. Lowney, Clerk of the Waldo County Judicial Court1837
56BondsReport approving the bond of Daniel Williams, Commissioner of the Treasury1837
57BondsReport on the bond of Samuel P. Benson, Secretary of State1838
58BondsReport on the bond of John Richards, Superintendant of Public Buildings1838
59BondsReport on the bond of Hiram H. Hobbs, Clerk of the Judicial Courts in York County1838
60BondsReport on the bond of Sewall Watson, Clerk of the Judicial Courts of Hancock County1838
61BondsReport on the bond of Thomas Clark, Clerk of the Judicial Courts in Oxford County1838
62BondsReport on the bond of Charles Fox, Clerk of the Judicial Courts in Cumberland County1838
63BondsReport on the bond of James Adams, Clerk of the Judicial Courts for Penobscot County1838
64BondsReport on the bond of Elijah L. Hamlin, Land Agent1838
65BondsReport on the bond of Simeon C. Whittier, Inspector of Pot and Pearl Ashes1838
66BondsReport on the bond of John Reed, Inspector General of Beef and Pork1838
67BondsReport on the bond of Thomas Swan, Kennebec County Clerk of Courts1838
68BondsReport on the bond of Cyrus Fletcher, Clerk of the Courts for Somerset County1838
69BondsReport approving the bond of Eleazer Packard, Agent for the repair of the Military Road1836
70BondsReport accepting the bond of Reuel Williams, Agent to erect an Asylum for Insane Persons1836
71BondsReport accepting the bond of Joseph Kelsey, Penobscot Indian Agent1836
72BondsReport accepting the bond of John A. Chandler, Kennebec County Judicial Court Clerk1836
73BondsReport accepting the bond of Jonas Farnsworth, Passamaquoddy Indian Agent1836
74BondsReport approving the bond of John Reed, Superintendent of Public Buildings1836
75BondsReport on the bond of John O'Brien, Warden of the State Prison1836

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