Legal History of Camden, Maine

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Incorporated as Cambden from Camden Plantation, 17 Feb. 1791

[Source: P&S 1791, Ch. 18]

Annexed land from Warren, 10 Feb. 1836

[Source: P&S 1836, Ch. 17]

Set off land to form a new town of Camden, name of residue changed to Rockport, 25 Feb. 1891

[Source: P&S 1893, Ch. 102]

Set off land to Rockport, 4 Mar. 1891

[Source: P&S 1891, Ch. 147]

Set off land to Rockport, 28 Mar. 1893

[Source: P&S 1893, Ch. 601]

Associated Place Names:
Camden Plantation, Dillingham Point, Hosmer Pond, Lake City, Melvin Heights, Millville, Shermans Point

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