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Please understand that, aside from obvious typos, I cannot correct records on this website that you believe are incorrect. Whenever possible, check the original record, which may or may not be the source of the error.

Regarding the publication of Social Security numbers on this website: The Social Security Administration releases this information for every deceased cardholder, so that the information cannot be used to commit fraud. Banks and other institutions receive this data, and then use it to check every credit application, to make sure the applicant is not reusing a deceased person's Social Security number. The information on this and other genealogy websites is several years old, and has been acquired directly from the National Archives. The fact that a deceased person's information is now so easily available may be alarming, but its availability is what ensures that his or her identity cannot be stolen. These Social Security numbers are useful now only to genealogists, who can use them to learn more about the holders' lives and ancestries.

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