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 The Will of Stephen Batson

 From Maine Court Records (1661-93)

The Will of Stephen Batson

   I Stephen Batson of Wells in the Massatusetts Colony in New England, this 8th day of March : 1673 : though Antient, & weake in body, yet Prfect in memory, blessed bee god, doth willingly & with a free hart Committ my soule into ye hands of almighty god my mercifull Saujor, & my body vnto the earth from whence It came/ & my Estate I dispose on as followeth/

   Inprs my funerall expences being discharged, & all other debts, I giue & bequeath vnto my grandchild John Trott Twenty shillings/ I giue vnto Sarah Ashly Twenty shillings; I giue vnto Mary Trott Twenty shillings/ I giue vnto my daughter Margery young one shilling/ I giue vnto my daughter Mary Brookehouse one shillinge/ I giue vnto my sonn John Batson fiue shillings/ & the reason why I giue him noe more is, because I haue given him formerly six head of stapell Cattle, & Tenn pounds wch I payd for him in a bill to Goodman : Batten, togeathr with other helps/ Item I giue & bequeath vnto my Loueing daughter Elizabeth Ashley, all the rest of my Estate moueables, & Immoueables dureing her natural life, & after decease vnto her first child, & in case shee haue neuer a Child, then to returne vnto my Grandchild John Trott & his heyres for euer/ & doe hereby nominate & appoynt my loueing daughter Elizabeth Ashly my soole executrix of this my last will & testament/ & hereby doe desire & appoynt my Loueing frejnds William Hamonds, & Samuall Wheelewright ouerseers of this my last Will & testament/ Revoakeing all other Wills, & bequessts & testaments wtsoeuer/ In testimony where of I haue here vnto set my hand & seale, the day & yeare aboue written/

Signed sealed & Deliverd
   in presence of us,
   John Wincoll/
Stephen Batson (his seale)
   Acknowledged 6 April 1674; recorded 21 August 1676; Inventory returned at £38: 06: 0, by William Hammonds and Peter Cloyse, appraisers, who state that "Stephen Batson deceased June 30th 1676."

Source: Maine Wills, 1640-1760 (Portland, Me., 1887), p. 34, citing Court Records, G, 46.

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