1837 Maine Surplus Revenue Census

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NameTown, Township, or CityCounty
1Samuel W Hewey & ChaseBangor, Ward 4Penobscot
2Abel Chase JunrPortland, Ward 1Cumberland
3Abel ChasePortland, Ward 1Cumberland
4Amos ChasePortland, Ward 1Cumberland
5Asa ChasePortland, Ward 1Cumberland
6Caleb ChasePortland, Ward 6Cumberland
7Charles ChasePortland, Ward 1Cumberland
8Daniel D ChasePortland, Ward 6Cumberland
9Dearborne ChaseBangor, Ward 7Penobscot
10Edward ChasePortland, Ward 1Cumberland
11Edward ChaseTownship No. 4, 1st Range, State Land [later Jackman]Somerset
12Euseba ChaseBangor, Ward 3Penobscot
13George ChasePortland, Ward 7Cumberland
14George ChaseTownship No. 1, 3rd Range East Side of Kennebec River [later Caratunk]Somerset
15George W ChaseBangor, Ward 7Penobscot
16Henry ChaseBangor, Ward 7Penobscot
17John ChasePortland, Ward 2Cumberland
18John ChaseBelfast Academy Grant [later Ludlow]Washington
19John W ChasePortland, Ward 1Cumberland
20Joseph ChaseTownship Letter B [later Upton]Oxford
21Peter ChaseBangor, Ward 4Penobscot
22Peter ChaseBelfast Academy Grant [later Ludlow]Washington
23Philip ChaseTownship Not Stated [evidently T7 R8 NWP, later Bowerbank]Penobscot
24Reuben ChaseBelfast Academy Grant [later Ludlow]Washington
25Rufus ChasePortland, Ward 2Cumberland

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