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Secretary of State Correspondence Record: List of members of the Republican County Committee for Cumberland County.

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Item Description: List of members of the Republican County Committee for Cumberland County.
Date Written: Aug. 1868
Box and Folder: 28-5
Associated names: James Bailey; S. R. Baker; Perez Barr; Worthy C. Barrows; Rufus Berry; Charles S. Bickford; Luther Billings; William S. Blanchard; T. W. O. Brion; E. P. Brown; Luke Brown; J. M. Buzzell; George Chadbourne; Richard C. Chapman; Edwin Clement; John C. Cobb; David H. Cole; George Conant; Richard Cook, Jr.; William Frank Cook; William S. Coombs; Gregory Costorn; Alfred S. Cousins; J. B. Coyle; Marshall Cram; William W. Cross; Charles Crossman; Samuel H. Dawes; Samuel Dingley; Orin Douglass; Frederic N. Dow; F. M. Drew; Isaac Dyer; Nathaniel Dyer; Kimball J. Dyke; Daniel Elliott; James D. Fessenden; Joseph S. Fickett; Charles Field; M. T. Files; W. Fitch; William Fitch, Jr.; J. N. Fogg; George F. Foster; H. Galcomb; William L. Q. Gill; Charles J. Gilman; William Goold; Renselear Greeley; Henry Green; Henry Hall; Webb Hall; Benjamin Hamilton; Moses Hancock; Charles Hannaford; Ezekiel H. Hanson; Oliver Hardy; C. P. Haskell; G. H. Hawes; David R. Hawkes; Reuben Higgins; Horatio Hight; Jeremiah Hobbs; J. M. Holden; Daniel P. Horr; Charles Humphrey; Charles Hunnewell; Abrah Johnson; John W. Jones; A. R. Jordan; H. B. Jordan; L. J. Joyce; John Kelly; W. E. Kimball; Storer S. Knight; Thomas F. Knight; E. D. Lane; John Larrabee; Joseph F. Lawson; Wendell Leighton; D. T. Libby; D. Libby, Jr.; Tobias Lord; Jeremiah Loring; Abram P. Lufkin; S. D. Lyford; Jabez Marriner; H. B. Means; Henry M. Meek; Charles A. Merrill; D. W. Merrill; H. F. B. Merrill; Isaac Merriman; H. R. Millett; Ammi R. Mitchell; Daniel L. Mitchell; Edward Moore; Alvin K. Morse; William H. Murch; Francis J. Orr; William Osgood; William H. Pennell; William L. Prince; Isaac F. Quimby; George W. Randall; Thomas B. Reed; C. M. Rice; Charles Rogers; C. C. W. Sampson; Edward P. Sargent; Herbert R. Sargent; William Sewall; N. S. Shurtleff; Henry P. Simpson; Clement Skofield; George F. Small; J. R. Small; Stephen Small; L. B. Smith; William B. Smith; William H. Smith; C. H. Stackpole; George Staples; George M. Stevens; John Stevens; Moses C. Stiles; James Strout; Reuben Sunborn; William Sweetser; James F. Tapley; E. W. Tewksbury; John A. Thompson; Charles Tolman; Benjamin True; F. L. Tryon; Clement Wakefield; John E. Warner; Daniel L. Warren; J. P. Weeman; Eliakini Wescott; Daniel Wiggin; George Wight; J. O. Winship; John Woodbury; George W. Woodman
Associated subjects: Republican Party (Me.)—History; Baldwin (Cumberland Co., Me.); Bridgton (Cumberland Co., Me.); Brunswick (Cumberland Co., Me.); Casco (Cumberland Co., Me.); Cumberland (Cumberland Co., Me.); Cape Elizabeth (Cumberland Co., Me.); Freeport (Cumberland Co., Me.); Falmouth (Cumberland Co., Me.); Gorham (Cumberland Co., Me.); Harrison (Cumberland Co., Me.); Harpswell (Cumberland Co., Me.); Naples (Cumberland Co., Me.); New Gloucester (Cumberland Co., Me.); North Yarmouth (Cumberland Co., Me.); Pownal (Cumberland Co., Me.); Portland (Cumberland Co., Me.); Raymond (Cumberland Co., Me.); Westbrook (Cumberland Co., Me.); Windham (Cumberland Co., Me.); Sebago (Cumberland Co., Me.); Standish (Cumberland Co., Me.); Scarborough (Cumberland Co., Me.); Otisfield (Cumberland Co., Me.); Yarmouth (Cumberland Co., Me.); Gray (Cumberland Co., Me.)
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Source citation: "Secretary of State Correspondence, 1820-1914," database, Maine Genealogy ( : accessed 28 September 2022), entry for List of members of the Republican County Committee for Cumberland County., Aug. 1868, citing Hancock County Court of Sessions database, Maine State Archives.

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