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1Benjamin H. B. AldenCommunication dealing with the permission of Benjamin H. B. Alden to attend the Hartford Asylum for the deaf and dumb for one year.1855
2C. S. AldenPetition of the City Council of Rockland request all citizens of Rockland who have applied or who may apply for appointment to any one of the several offices in Knox County to withdraw their name for the betterment of the Republican Party.1860
3Eben AldenPetition to recommend the appointment of John D. Rust to the office of Sheriff of Knox County.1860
4Eben AldenPetition recommending the appointment of T. R. Siminton to the office of County Attorney for Knox County.1860
5Hiram O. AldenRequesting a certified certificate that states Hiram O. Alden is an official Justice of the Peace within the State of Maine.1833
6Hiram O. AldenAcknowledging the receipt of his commission as Commissioner for the State and to take the acknowledgments of Deed, etc. for the State within the State of Massachusetts.1851
7Horatio AldenPetition recommending the appointment of Elliot Oberton to the office of inspector of lime and lime casks.1870
8W. L. AldenPetition recommending the reappointment of Samuel Stoddard to the office of Inspector Pot and Pearash for Kennebec County.1871
9William L. AldenPetition recommending the appointment of William E. Morris to the office of Judge of the Municipal Court in Portland.1870
10William L. AldenPetition recommending the appointment of Oliver T. Beale to the office of Keeper of the arsenal.1861

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