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1J. G. BlaineCommunication dealing with a recommendation to compensate a Mr. Watson for working so hard as he was involved with the Maine Soldiers Relief Association.1867
2J. G. BlaineRecommending the appointment of George Weeks to the office of commissioner for State valuation.1869
3J. G. BlaineRecommending the appointmnet of A. M. Wetherbee to the office of Fish Warden for Knox County.1871
4J. G. BlaineA petition recommending Jonas Burnham to be appointed to the office of Suprerintendent of Common Schools.1859
5J. G. BlaineRecommending the appointment of E. W. Woodbury to the office of Bank Commissioner.1861
6James G. BlaineTransmitting the list of congressional names and their districts.1875
7James G. BlaineAppointment of James G. Blaine to be the agent and attorney of the State to receive of the United States the amount due the State on account against the U. S.1861

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