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1D. O. BowenRecommending William H. Milliken to the board to prevent quackery practices in medicine.1883
2Henry BowenAcknowledging the receipt of his commission as Commissioner for the State and to take the acknowledgments of Deed, etc. for the State within the State of Rhode Island.1837
3Henry BowenResolution passed by the Legislature of Vermont, recommending the passage of a law by Congress, appointing a day for the election of Electors of President and Vice President of the United States.1842
4Henry BowenCommunication regarding the reporting of court records.1842
5John G. BowenRecommending the appointment of John G. Bowen to the office of Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum for Waldo County.1870
6W. H. BowenRecommending the appointment of M. C. Wedgwood, W. H. Bowen, J. G. Elder, H. C. Bradford or J. G. Coburn to the office of trustee of the Normal School from Lewiston.1883
7W. H. BowenRegarding that Lewiston be represented on the board of trustees for Maine schools.1883
8William H. C. BowenRequesting a commission as Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum for Aroostook County.1872
9William V. BowenRequesting that Charles Farley be appointed as Justices of the Peace.1858
10William V. BowenPetition recommending the appointment of Oliver T. Beale to the office of Keeper of the arsenal.1861

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