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Secretary of State Correspondence


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26J. L. ChamberlainRecommending the appointment of George P. Simpson to the office of Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum for Cumberland County.1873
27J. L. ChamberlainRecommending Jonas Burnham be appointed Superintendent of Common Schools.1859
28J. Chamberlain, Jr.Resignation from the office of County Commissioner within Penobscot County.1841
29James H. ChamberlainRecommending the appointment of W. H. Savary to the office of supervisor of public schools for Hancock County.1870
30Jefferson ChamberlainPetition recommending the appointment of Albert G. Wakefield to the office of Railroad Commissioner.1868
31Jefferson ChamberlainRecommending the appointment of Jefferson Chamberlain to the office of Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum for Penobscot County.1871
32Jefferson ChamberlainRecommending the appointment of David Worcester to the office of Superintendent of Common Schools.1859
33Jefferson ChamberlainRecommending the appointment of Joseph N. Downe to the office of keeper of the Bangor arsenal.1860
34Joshua L. ChamberlainProclamation by the Governor for a day of Public Thanksgiving and Praise.1867
35Joshua L. ChamberlainProclamation by the Governor of number of ballots returned on an act concerning the sale of intoxicating liquors.1867
36Joshua L. ChamberlainWarrant for execution of Clifton Harris.1868
37Joshua L. ChamberlainAppointing Nathan Dane to the office of Assumption and reimbursement commissioner.1868
38Joshua L. ChamberlainA reprieve of sentence of Clifton Harris.1868
39Joshua L. ChamberlainCertificate regarding C. D. Trott, scholarship in Bates College.1869
40Joshua L. ChamberlainRecommending Henry Farrar to solemnize marriages for the State of Maine.1871
41Joshua L. ChamberlainRecommending the appointment of Charles C. Hobbs to the office of Trial Justice for York County.1872
42Joshua L. ChamberlainRequesting to be appointed a Commissioner of Deeds for the State of Maine within the State of New Jersey.1872
43Joshua L. ChamberlainRecommending for appointment Charles A. White and Henry Carmichael to the positions on the Board of Agriculture. Also, Mr. Carmichael as an assayer.1873
44Joshua L. ChamberlainAcceptance to the office of Major General of Maine's Militia.1879
45Joshua L. ChamberlainRegarding Chamberlain's elected office.1879
46Joshua L. ChamberlainA general correspondence regarding a few judges. He also discusses his support for Chamberlain.1869
47P. ChamberlainPetition recommending the appointment of William E. Morris to the office of Judge of the Municipal Court in Portland.1870
48S. C. ChamberlainPetition requesting a loan to aid the Piscataquis Railroad Company to construct its railroad.1860
49William ChamberlainCitizens of Hancock County recommend Peter Thacher to be appointed as judge of the Supreme Judicial Court.1859

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