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1Adelbert D. CornishTransmitting the fee of five dollars for Adelbert D. Cornish for the position of Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum.1868
2C. C. CornishRequesting a State pension.1883
3Colby C. CornishRecommending the appointment of Colby C. Cornish to the office of Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum for Kennebec County.1871
4E. CornishPetition recommending the appointment of George W. Coombs to the office of Sheriff of Androscoggin County.1870
5E. CornishPetition for the appointment of Joseph C. Adams as a trial justice.1860
6E. CornishA petition to recommend Josiah Merrosa to be appointed to the office of Fish Warden.1862
7Leslie C. CornishResignation as a member of the Board of Examiners for the examination of applicants for admission to the Bar.1907

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