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1D. CowanPetition recommending the appointment of George W. Coombs to the office of Sheriff of Androscoggin County.1870
2D. CowanPetition recommending the reappointment of Everett A. Nash as Clerk of the Municipal Court in Lewiston.1872
3J. H. Cowan Petition recommending the appointment of Charles Buffum as Indian Agent for the Penobscot Tribe.1864
4Louis C. CowanRecommending the appointment of Horace Piper to the office of Superintendent of Common Schools.1859
5Louis O. CowanCommunication relating to question as to how may small arms belong to the State as well an abstract of the arms, accritrements and ammunition.1841
6Louis O. CowanRecommending the appointment of Shadrack A. Boothby to the office of Bank Commissioner.1861

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