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1Edmund DoyleRequesting to use his influence so that the Rev. Edmund Doyle can obtain a license to solemnize marriages.1860
2Fomens DoylePetition recommending the appointment of John Jewett to the office of Trial Justice for the town of Pittston.1860
3James W. DoyleRequesting the laws passed by the last session of the Legislature be sent to them as well as any other information due to a new town.1833
4Joseph H. DoyleRequesting a renewal of his appointment as Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum for Hancock County.1870
5Lawrence DoyleCommunication regarding the outcome of Lawrence Doyle's being executed for murder of a girl.1865
6Lawrence DoyleCommunication regarding the murder of Lura Velly Libbey and to stay the execution of Lawrence Doyle.1865
7M. DoyleAcknowledging the receipt of blank returns.1847
8Malachi DoyleAcknowledging the receipt of a package for distribution.1846
9Malachi DoyleAcknowledging the receipt of documents for distribution.1846
10Malachi DoyleAcknowledging the receipt of packages.1848

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