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1B. DunnRequesting the appointment to the office of Trial Justice for the town of Monmouth.1860
2B. P. DunnRegarding the killing of a moose.1875
3Benjamin DunnRecommending Ruel Washburn to the office of Judge of Probate.1859
4Benjamin DunnPetition recommending Peter Thacher to fill the vacancy of the Supreme Judicial Court.1859
5Benjamin DunnRequesting to be sent about half a dozen writs of attachment.1860
6C. B. DunnRequesting a commission to solemnize marriages for the State of Maine.1871
7D. DunnNumber of cases on the docket of the SJC for Cumberland County and attorny's names.1868
8David DunnRequesting to renew his commission as Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum for the State of Maine.1871
9David DunnResignation from the office of Speaker of the House for 1843.1844
10David DunnInquiring as to whether a Mr. Thomas Briggs will be receiving a warrant for his pension.1850
11David DunnRequesting to receive a warrant for Thomas Briggs pension.1853
12David DunnCommunication regarding the failure of receiving blank election returns on time to vote from the Town of East Livermore and that election returns from the Town of Poland were sent back to the State.1855
13E. H. DunnRecommending the reappointment of G. G. Stacy to the office of State Librarian.1867
14E. H. DunnPetition recommending the appointment of William E. Morris to the office of Judge of the Municipal Court in Portland.1870
15E. H. DunnPetition recommending the appointment of Benjamin Brown to the office of keeper of the Portland arsenal.1860
16Isiah DunnRecommending the appointment of Isiah Dunn to the office of trial justice within Oxford County.1868
17J. DunnRecommending Allen Hayes to the office of Trustee of the State Reform School.1859
18John DunnRequesting to the reimbursement for a man in distress.1870
19John DunnInquiring if the State will reimburse the town for helping John Dunn as he was in distress.1871
20Joshua DunnLetter from Wales Hubbard with a list of persons recommending him for Reporter of the Judicial Decisions.1859
21Joshua DunnPetition recommending Wales Hubbard to the office of Reporter of Decisions for the Supreme Judicial Court.1859
22Joshua DunnRecommending the appointment of Enoch Knight to the office of Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum.1859
23Joshua DunnRecommending the appointment of M. M. Butler to the office of County Attorney for Cumberland County.1859
24Joshua DunnRecommending the appointment of Oliver S. Beal to the office of keeper of the arsenal in Portland.1861
25Josiah DunnAcknowledging the receipt of blank forms for election returns for Senator in the years 1833-1840 for distribution.1833

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