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1J. G. ElderRecommending the appointment of M. C. Wedgwood, W. H. Bowen, J. G. Elder, H. C. Bradford or J. G. Coburn to the office of trustee of the Normal School from Lewiston.1883
2R. ElderRequesting that Orris H. Keen's commission as Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum be renewed.1859
3R. ElderPetition recommending the appointment of Henry F. Harthorn, to the office of fish warden.1860
4R. ElderPetition recommending the appointment of John C. Glidden to the office of Trial Justice for the town of Freedom.1860
5Rinaldo ElderLetter from Wales Hubbard with a list of persons recommending him for Reporter of the Judicial Decisions.1859
6Rinaldo ElderPetition recommending Wales Hubbard to the office of Reporter of Decisions for the Supreme Judicial Court.1859

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