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1Benjamin FranklinCommunication relating with the boundary dispute and a treaty of 1783.1843
2W. F. FranklinRequesting copies of laws authorizing or relating to the suspension of specie payments by the Banks or any that are chartered.1837
3W. F. FranklinTransmitting the House Journal for the State of Maine.1837
4W. F. FranklinTransmitting copies of the House of Representative Journals.1837
5W. F. FranklinCommunication to the Governor of a vacancy in the House of Representatives due to the death of Timothy Jarvis Carter.1838
6W. S. FranklinTransmit the Journal of the twenty-fourth Congress.1836
7W. S. FranklinTransmitting laws passed by joint resolution of Congress of 1832.1837
8W. S. FranklinTransmitting laws passed by the Legislature of the United States.1836

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