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1Charles GloverPetition of the City Council of Rockland request all citizens of Rockland who have applied or who may apply for appointment to any one of the several offices in Knox County to withdraw their name for the betterment of the Republican Party.1860
2Elijah GloverRecommending Peter Thacher as judge for the Supreme Judicial Court.1859
3G. W. GloverPetition recommending the appointment of Joseph Millay to the office of lime inspector for the Town of Camden.1869
4G. W. GloverRecommending the appointment of Cyril Pearl to the office of Superintendent of Common Schools.1859
5Louis N. GloverAcknowledging the receipt of his commission as Commissioner for the State and to take the acknowledgments of Deed, etc. for the State within the State of New York.1854
6William H. GloverRecommending the appointment of Davis Tillson to the office of Clerk of Courts for Knox County.1860

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