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1Eli GossCorrespondence relating to the condition of Eli Goss.1869
2Eli GossCommunication dealing with the reimbursement from the United States to the State of Maine regarding individuals who were hurt while defending the North eastern boundary dispute.1857
3Eli GossA list of the authorized resolves put to George M. Weston.1857
4Guy C. GossPetition recommending the appointment of William D. Haley as Municipal judge for the city of Bath.1868
5Guy C. GossRecommending Jacob Smith as judge of the Municipal Court in Bath.1869
6Guy C. GossRequesting the the gubernatorial votes of the towns, cities, and plantations of the State for inspection.1880
7Jacob C. GossCommunication that he would be back in Maine to meet with the Executive Council and he included names for nominations.1843
8Joseph R. GossRecommending the appointment of J. O. H. Burnham to the office of Trial Justice for Washington County.1873
9Thomas GossRecommending Solymon Heath to the office of Reporter of Decisions of the Supreme Judicial Court.1859
10Thomas GossRecommending the appointment of Cyril Pearl to the office of Superintendent of Common Schools.1859

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