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1A. HainesPetition recommending the appointment of Charles W. Goddard to the office of Judge of the Superior Court for Cumberland County.1868
2A. HainesNumber of cases on the docket of the SJC for Cumberland County and attorny's names.1868
3Allen HainesRecommending Allen Haines as a Railroad Commissioner.1858
4Allen HainesRecommending the appointment of Z. K. Harmon as agent for State Pensions.1866
5Augustine HainesRequesting laws passed by the last Legislature.1836
6Augustine HainesRequesting to remind the Governor that his office as County attorney for Cumberland County will expire.1838
7Augustine HainesResignation from the office of County Attorney from Cumberland County.1841
8Augustine HainesAcknowledging the receipt of money.1844
9Augustine HainesRequesting that a bill be sent to him regarding the printing of the State's Journal and index.1844
10Augustine HainesCommunication declining an application for the arrest of Henry Diomeno. Requesting that a notice be printed in various newspapers announcing the appointments to various positions within the State.1845
11Charles HainesAcknowledging the receipt of blank election returns for distribution within Kennebec County.1868
12Charles A. HainesPetition recommending Abiatha W. Leavitt to Pilot the port of Saco.1872
13Feyenson HainesPetition recommending the appointment of pilots for those places according to Chapter 36 of the Revised Statutes. Among those are: Harrison, Daniel, Charles, Lauriston W. Goldthwaite and John H. & Charles Hussey.1872
14J. L. HainesRegarding how Mr. J. L. Haines was pusuaded to remain neutral, also referring to his own letter.1861
15J. T. HainesA petition recommending Jonas Burnham to be appointed to the office of Suprerintendent of Common Schools.1859
16J. W. HainesRequesting that the Board of Agriculture of the State of Maine entitled to the pay for travel and attendance.1862
17Joseph HainesLetter from Wales Hubbard with a list of persons recommending him for Reporter of the Judicial Decisions.1859
18Joseph HainesLetter of the Delegation of the county of Lincoln, in the Legislature, to the Governor recommending the appointment of Peter Thacher to the office of judge of the Supreme Judicial Court.1859
19Joseph HainesPetition recommending Wales Hubbard to the office of Reporter of Decisions for the Supreme Judicial Court.1859
20Joseph HainesRecommending the appointment of George B. Sawyer to the office of Clerk of the Courts for Lincoln County.1861
21Joseph HainesList of principal names to be appointed to various county positions.1861
22Joseph L. HainesRecommending the reappointment of George G. Stacy to the office of State Librarian.1867
23Joseph L. HainesRecommending the reappointment of George G. Stacy to the office of State Librarian.1867
24Josiah M. HainesRecommending the appointment of Josiah M. Haines to the office of Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum for Lincoln County.1871
25M. J. HainesAccepting a position as principal at the Park Stree Grammer School in Portland.1869

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