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1A. L. HerseyRecommending the appointment of Nathaniel T. True to the office of Superintendent of Schools.1860
2Benjamin HerseyRequesting that his name be corrected from Benjamin Hersey to Benjamin D. Henry on his commission.1858
3Charles H. HerseyRecommending the appointment of Charles H. Hersey to the office of Trial Justice for Oxford County.1872
4E. J. HerseyPetition recommending the appointment of P. M. Fogler to the office of Register of Deeds in Kennebec County.1870
5F. HerseyRecommending the appointment of Nehemiah Smart as commissioner for State valuation.1869
6H. W. HerseyPetition to recommend the appointment of Frank L. Bartlett as Assayer to the State of Maine.1872
7H. W. HerseyRecommending the appointment of Albert H. Simonton as a Commissioner of Deeds for the State of Maine within the State of Illinois.1873
8John W. HerseyPetition recommending the appointment of Aretas Chapin to the office of Judge of Probate court for Piscataquis County.1870
9Philo HerseyRequesting to be appointed to solemnize marriages.1872
10Philo HerseyRecommending the appointment of Thomas B. Gregory to solemnize marriages for the State of Maine.1883
11Samuel F. HerseyPetition recommending the appointment of George W. Quimby to a position to inquire into the operation of Industrial Schools for Girls.1867
12Samuel F. HerseyEncouraging not to nominate William Mann as an inspector of potash.1871
13Samuel F. HerseyCommunication relating to the arrest of William D. Mains.1851
14Samuel F. HerseyAnnouncing a vacancy in the Ninth Division of the Maine militia.1852
15Samuel F. HerseyTransmitting the list of congressional names and their districts.1875
16Samuel F. HerseyPetition recommending the appointment of Robert Goodenow to the office of Bank Commissioner.1861
17Samuel F. HerseyCommunication concerning the claims of Allen and O'Brien against the State.1861
18T. C. HerseyPetition requesting the reappointment of Solomon T. Corser as one of the railroad commissioners.1868
19T. C. HerseyPetiton recommending the appointment of Charles J. Morris to the office of commissioner for State valuation.1869
20T. C. HerseyRecommending the appointment of Albert Marwick to the office of Harbor Commissioner for Portland.1873
21T. C. HerseyPetition recommending Cyril Pearl as Superintendent of Common Schools for the State of Maine.1859
22Tristram HerseyNames of persons from whom letters have been received.1867
23Tristram HerseyRecommending the appointment of Henry C. Reed to the office of Judge of Probate for Oxford County.1867
24W. HerseyPetition recommending the reappointment of James Babcock to the office of Justices of the Peace for Penobscot County.1870
25W. C. HerseyPetition recommending the appointment of Benjamin B. Thomas to the office of Commissioner under the recent act for the assumption of municipal war debts.1868

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