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1Jonathan Glidden Hunton, 1781-1851The Governor and Exceuctive Council approved the appointment of William Pitt Fessenden of Portland to collect the Fines Forfeitures and Bills of Costs for Cumberland County.1830
2Jonathan Glidden Hunton, 1781-1851Regarding the letter he received on July 26th regarding the precepts from Oxford County and Kennebec Towns within that District.1830
3Jonathan Glidden Hunton, 1781-1851Acknowledging receipt of some papers that he need to attend to.1830
4Jonathan Glidden Hunton, 1781-1851Recommending Daniel W. Hillier as an instructor for youths.1831
5Jonathan Glidden Hunton, 1781-1851Requesting a copy of the sheriff's bond of Kennebec County from Mr. Thomas.1829
6Thomas HuntonPetition recommending the appointment of David Norton to the office of Trial Justice.1860
7Wellington HuntonAcknowledging the receipt of blank election returns.1841
8Wellington HuntonResignation from the office of County Commissioner for Kennebec County.1854

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