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1A. JacksonCommunication dealing with applications of renewal for the banks of Maine. Included with the letter is a list of the bank names and location within the State.1857
2A. JacksonCommunication relating to the County estimates brought before the Legislature.1857
3A. JacksonCommunication dealing with laws and revised statutes that are ready for distribution.1857
4A. JacksonTransmitting an abstract of the several sums paid the Commissioners and other persons during the last two years for services in prosecuting the claims of this State upon the federal government.1857
5A. JacksonTransmitting for distribution to the Senate an abstract of the semi annual returns of the several banks in this State for January 1857.1857
6A. JacksonThe Governor has appointed Alden Ulmer as Inspector of Stone Lime and Lime Casks.1857
7A. JacksonCommunication dealing with the fact that a report from the Superintendent of Common Schools has not been received.1857
8A. JacksonTransmitting the returns of the several county treasurers as they have been received.1857
9A. JacksonCommunication dealing with transmitting the abstract of the semi annual returns of the banks.1857
10A. JacksonCommunication transmitting the report of the commissioners appointment and take account of stock and belonging to the State in the State Prison.1857
11A. JacksonCommunication transmitting the expenditures under the appropriations of 1856, Contigent Fund of Governor and Council and Contigent Fund of State Treasurer.1857
12A. JacksonCommunication dealing with the annual returns of the railroad corporations.1857
13A. JacksonCommunication dealing with "An Act further regulating School Returns, and the distribution of the State School Funds."1857
14A. JacksonTransmitting two copies of the catalogue of the Maine State Library for the use of the Smithsonian Institution.1857
15A. JacksonCommunication stating that no retuns for June has been received from American Bank, Hallowell, Lime Rock Bank , Rockland and Ellsworth Bank, Ellsworth.1857
16A. JacksonRequesting volume 9 of the Contributions to Knowledge be forwarded to the Secretary of State's office.1857
17A. JacksonCommunication dealing with the bank charters.1857
18A. JacksonTransmitting for distribution a list of stockholders of the several banks within the State, with the amount of stock held by each.1857
19A. JacksonA copy of a letter sent to John Seiders , Nathaniel Jack and Selectmen of Addison notifying them that the beneficiaries cannot be received at the asylum for this year.1857
20A. JacksonCommunication dealing with the existence of the Bank of New England or New England Bank.1857
21A. JacksonPetition recommending the appointment of Prentiss M. Fogler to the office of Register of Deeds for Kennebec County.1870
22A. JacksonRecommending the appointment of James W. Bradbury to the office of Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum for the State of Maine.1872
23A. JacksonRequesting the appointment of Abner R. Small to the office of Notary Public for Kennebec County.1872
24A. JacksonRecommending the appointment of Asa Gile to the office of Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum for Kennebec County.1873
25A. F. JacksonPetition recommending the appointment of Aretas Chapin to the office of Judge of Probate for Piscataquis County.1870

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