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1Charles JarvisRequesting that horse carts from Houlton be sent to him so that the Houlton Road can be finished.1835
2Charles JarvisRequesting a copy of the act of incorporation of the Town of Otis and received any communication dealing with the appropriation of the Military Road.1835
3Charles JarvisPetition requesting that Robert L. Grindle receive a scholarship to attend Bates College.1865
4Charles Jarvis, 1788-1865Resignation of Charles Jarvis of the office of County Commissioner for the County of Hancock.1831
5Judson JarvisTransmitting his oath and seal of office as commissioner for the State of Maine within the State of New York.1869
6Leonard JarvisResignation of Leonard Jarvis as one of the commissioners to examine colleges.1833
7Leonard Jarvis, 1781-1854Discussing the resolve regarding Eastern Lands of the Commonwealth.1820
8Leonard Jarvis, 1781-1854Acknowledging the commission, however, pointing out that he no longer lives in the Town of Surry but rather the Town of Ellsworth.1830
9Leonard Jarvis, 1781-1854Acknowledgement of proclamations.1826
10Nathaniel Jarvis, Jr.Transmitting is oath and seal of office as Commissioner of Deeds for the State of Maine within the State of New York.1873

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