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1Edward KavanaughDeclining the appointment of Commissioner to examine the Colleges in Maine.1833
2Edward KavanaughCommunication dealing with the meeting of the Board of Commissioners for Internal Improvements and that he turned down a position as one of the commissioners.1834
3Edward KavanaughResignation of the office of commission of internal improvements1835
4Edward KavanaughResignation of the office of commission of internal improvements1835
5Edward KavanaughAcknowledging the receipt of his commission as Commissioner for the State and to take the acknowledgments of Deed, etc. for the State within the State of Massachusetts.1842
6Edward KavanaughTransmitting a complete set of all the weights and measures adopted as standards, for the use of the States respectively, to the end that an uniform system of weights and measures may be established nationally.1843
7Edward KavanaughCommunication to hold his mail unless it is urgent. He also request copies of Crown grants of land on the St. John should be retained and give notice to Philip Eastman.1843
8Edward KavanaughCommunication relating to his failing health and to arrange a different time for the Executive Council to meet.1843
9Edward KavanaughCommunication relating with the return of Edward Kavanagh to Maine.1843
10Edward KavanaughCommunication that he would be back in Maine to meet with the Executive Council and he included names for nominations.1843
11Edward KavanaughCommunication dealing with government business that goes before the Executive Council.1843
12Edward KavanaughResignation from the office of Senator within the Maine Senate.1843
13Edward KavanaughCommunication relating to various letters he wrote throughout the year to various person.1843
14Edward KavanaughCommunication relating to the fact that Governor Kavanaugh took offense to the term of their ignorance of our language, laws, and of almost everything else. Thus the reason for the United States troops to stay at Fort Kent.1844
15Edward Kavanaugh, 1795-1844Requesting the report of the Committee appointed to arrange and report the proceedings of the Senate up to the time a Swcretary pro tem was chosen. Along with this letter is a return letter.1830
16James KavanaughReceived James Kavanaugh's disposition.1825

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