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1A. D. KnappRequesting an appointment to a commission as Commissioner for the State and to take the acknowledgments of Deed, etc. for the State within the District of Columbia.1863
2A. R. KnappNames of persons from whom letters have been received.1867
3Albion K. KnappRecommending the appointment of Henry C. Reed to the office of Judge of Probate for Oxford County.1867
4Arthur M. KnappRecommending the appointment of Arthur M. Knapp to solemnize marriages for the State.1871
5Arthur W. KnappRequesting an appointment as commissioner for the State of Maine to take acknowledgements, depositions etc., within the State of New York.1869
6Arthur W. KnappCommunication regarding his appointment as Commissioner of Deeds for the State of Maine in the State of New York.1870
7Arthur W. KnappTransmitting his oath and seal of office as Commissioner of Deeds for the State of Maine within the State of New York.1870
8C. KnappPetition recommending Peter Thacher to fill the vacancy of the Supreme Judicial Court.1859
9C. L. KnappTransmitting a copy of Thompson's History of Vermont.1843
10Cyrus KnappRecommending the appointment of Thomas Littlefield to the office of Sheriff for Androscoggin County.1870
11Cyrus KnappResignation from Cyrus Knapp as Representative from the Fifteenth Legislature.1871
12Cyrus KnappCommunication dealing with a vote to decide the shiretown of the newly formed County of Androscoggin.1854
13Lemuel L. KnappA list of commissioners appointed by the Governor.1837

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