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1B. F. LakeA petition recommending the appointment of Cyril Pearl to the office of Superintendent of Common Schools.1859
2E. H. LakeA petition recommending Jonas Burnham to be appointed to the office of Suprerintendent of Common Schools.1859
3Joseph S. LakeCommunication relating to the financial condition and resources of the State of Ohio for the year 1840.1841
4Joshua LakeSupreme Judicial Court of Franklin county indictment of Jesse Wright.1867
5Joshua LakePetition recommending the appointment of Jotham S. Gould to the office of register of deeds for Franklin County.1868
6Sewall LakeRequesting the laws belonging to the town.1832
7Sewall LakeResignation from the office as Justices of the Peace.1834
8Sewall LakeRequesting a copy of the Laws passed by the Legislature in the year 1834.1834
9Sewall LakeRequesting a copy of the Laws passed by the last Legislative session.1835

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