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1Ira LelandSupreme Judicial Court of Franklin county indictment of Jesse Wright.1867
2Joseph W. LelandResignation from the office of County Attorney within the County of York and recommending Joseph W. Leland for the position.1837
3Walter Leland, Jr.Petition recommending the appointment of Elias J. Hale to the office of Judge of Probate for Piscataquis County.1870
4Walter Leland, Jr.Petition to recommend the appointment of Asa Getchell to the office of Register of Probate.1860
5Warren LelandPetition recommending the appointment of Moses Whittier to the office of trial justice and justices of the peace and of the quorum.1860
6William LelandPetition recommending the appointment of Jotham Shepherd as inspector of lime and lime cask for the Town of Camden.1869

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