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1B. MannRequesting a copy of the survey dealing with the boundaries of Township Number 5 in the 3rd Range.1835
2Edmund MannResignation of Edmund Mann as County Commissioner for the County of Cumberland as he has been elected as Counseller for the year.1834
3Emerson MannPetition recommending the appointment of J. B. Mitchell to the office of Fish Warden for Cumberland County.1871
4Horace MannRequesting help to compile a prospectus called The United States Statistical Journal.1845
5James MannRecommending the appointment of Hugh D. McLellan to the office of Trial Justice for the County of Cumberland.1860
6Oliver MannReceiving the Certificates of qualifications for office with the receipts for the duty required by law.
7William MannEncouraging not to nominate William Mann as an inspector of potash.1871
8William MannPetition recommending the appointment of John Short to be the keeper of the Bangor Arsenal.1860
9William E. MannRecommending the appointment of William E. Mann to the office of Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum for Penobscot County.1870

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