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1Arthur McArthurRequesting to renew his commmission as Justices of the Peace throughout the State.1871
2Arthur McArthurRecommending the appointment of Obadiah T. Guptill to the office of Justices of the Peace.1862
3D. McArthurDistribution of certificates.1831
4D. McArthurSending copies of the Revised Laws from the State of Ohio.1831
5John McArthurPetition recommending the appointment of Nathaniel Graves to the office of commissioner on state valuation.1869
6John McArthurDeclining the office of Justice of the Court of Trials.1845
7John McArthurDeclining an appointment as inspector of Pot and Pearl Ashes.1857
8John McArthurPetition requesting that Charles F. Stevens be appointed or employed to supervise the improvements of ventilation and heating for the Insane Hospital.1861
9William M. McArthurLegislative members recommending the reappointment of George G. Stacy to the office of State Librarian.1867
10William M. McArthurRecommending the appointment of Luke Brown to the office of commissioner of municipal war debts.1868
11William M. McArthurRequesting to renew his commission as Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum for York County.1873

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