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1Charles T. MellenPetition recommending the appointment of Josiah S. Hobbs to the office of Trial Justice for the town of Paris.1860
2Grenville MellenAppointment of Grenville Mellen, of Portland within Cumberland County as Justice of the Peace.1823
3Prentiss MellenAcknowledging the receipt of the fifth and sixth volumes of Greenleaf's reports.1832
4Prentiss MellenRequesting to publish the time of the spring session of the Supreme Judicial Court and to send to George Pierce a copy of Volume 7 of Greenleaf's reports and the laws and resolves passed in the last legislation.1833
5Prentiss MellenRequesting Maine Laws and Resolves and Greenleaf's volumes for himself and Judge Parris.1834
6Prentiss MellenRequesting a certificate stating that Prentiss Mellen is Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Maine and that Jeremiah Bailey is Judge of Probate in the County of Lincoln.1832
7Prentiss MellenReport of commissioners for revising the public laws.1838
8Prentiss Mellen, 1764-1840Regarding the language of a certain resolve providing for a third volume of the Public Laws.1831
9R. MellenRequesting a copy of laws recently passed by the Legislature regarding the judicial process and proceedings.1835

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