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1A. J. NicholsRecommending Addison Martin to the office of Trial Justice for Piscataquis County.1860
2A. R. NicholsRequesting a date in Augusta as to when the Council could meet.1837
3A. R. NicholsTransmitting to the clerk of Judicial Courts for the County of Somerset blanks for election returns, of votes for County Treasuers.1839
4A. R. NicholsTransmitting the blank election returns for distribution.1839
5A. R. NicholsCommunication regarding the pardoning of Mr. McGray.1840
6A. R. NicholsIn reply to an order of the Senate passed February 13th, regarding to the number for jury trials held by one Judge and the number of laws cases argued on the docket.1842
7A. R. NicholsIn reply to order of the House of Representatives of February 9th in regards a table showing the number of actions entered in the Supreme Judicial and District Courts.1842
8A. R. NicholsStatement of the number of entries at the court of County Commissioners Court of Common Pleas, District Court and Supreme Judicial Court for Kennebec County for the years 1836-1842.1843
9A. S. NicholsCitizens recommending that Peter Thacher be appointed as judge to the Supreme Judicial Court bench.1859
10A. S. NicholsRecommending the appointment of Robert Goodenow and William S. Cochran to the office of Bank Commissioner.1861
11Amos NicholsA confussion with the commission of Zachariah Butterfield that was meant for Jacob Butterfield.1828
12Amos NicholsThe appointment of Zachariah Butterfield of Vassalboro, as Justice of the Peace.1828
13Amos NicholsAcknowledging receipt of a letter from A. Nichols and to distribute precepts.1826
14Amos NicholsReceipt of a letter from A. Nichols with precepts for the Towns of Temple, Wilton and Greene.1826
15Amos NicholsAcknowledge receipt of letter from A. Nichols and the enclosed precepts.1826
16Amos NicholsHis appointment of Elliot G. Vaughan of Portland as deputy Secretary of State.1827
17Amos NicholsCommissions mentioned in a letter from Mr. Nichols.1827
18Amos NicholsForwarding copies requested by Peleg Sprague.1827
19Amos, NicholsInquiring about his commission as Justice of the Peace and Quorum.1830
20Asaph B. NicholsA loan of $250 to be repaid within three months by Asaph B. Nichols for a piece of land lying on both sides of the new Thomaston Road.1835
21Asaph R. NicholsResignation of Asaph R. Nichols, as County Commissioner of the County of Kennebec.1834
22Asaph R. NicholsResignation from the office of Secretary of State.1839
23Benjamin C. Nichols, 2ndRequesting the appointment of Benjamin C. Nichols, 2nd to the office of Trial Justice for Waldo County.1871
24F. S. NicholsPetition recommending the reappointment of Judge Jonathan G. Dickerson, Appleton and Walton retain their postitions.1869
25G. H. NicholsPetition requesting the appointment of William D. Haley to the office of Judge in the municipal court.1868

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