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26Eleasar PackardAcknowledging the receipt of two letters. He had a consultation with Mr. Tabor, County Attorney in regards to the letter of the 14th. Mr. Tabor answered the letter so he felt that he (Lovering) did not need to answer.1843
27Eleazar PackardAcknowledging the receipt of precepts for representative to Congress.1840
28Ephraim PackardResignation from the office of County Commissioner for Piscataquis County as he was elected to the House of Representatives.1841
29H. PackardPetition recommending the appointment of Oliver T. Beale to the office of Keeper of the arsenal.1861
30Henry C. PackardRequesting the removal of Moses Whittier as Trial Justice and John P. Craig be appointed in his place for Kennebec County.1872
31Hezekiah PackardPetition recommending Cyril Pearl as Superintendent of Common Schools for the State of Maine.1859
32Hezekiah PackardRecommending a person from Penobscot County be appointed to the office of Superintendent of Schools.1860
33Hezekiah PackardRecommending the appointment of Edward P. Weston, to the office of superintendent of schools.1860
34J. C. PackardRecommending the reappointment of George G. Stacy to the office of State Librarian.1867
35Nathan PackardPetition recommending the appointment of Edwin Rose to the office of clerk of the court for Lincoln County.1861
36Samuel E. PackardPetition recommending the appointment of Elliot Orberton to the office of inspector of stone lime and lime casks.1870
37T. L. PackardReply to an inquiry regarding the pension of Alexander G. Turner.1869

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