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Secretary of State Correspondence


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26Moses PageCorrespondence regarding the paupers within a community.1869
27Moses PageInquiring as to whether the State should pay for the bills of Moses Page, a pauper of Bowerbank.1869
28Moses PageRequesting his commission as Justices of the Peace and of the the Quorum within Penobscot County.1870
29O. E. PagePetition recommending the appointment of Jotham Shepherd as inspector of lime and lime cask for the Town of Camden.1869
30Robert W. PageUnion Democrats recommending the appointment of Edwin Rose to the office of clerk of the court for Lincoln County.1861
31Robert W. PageRecommending the appointment of Edwin Rose to the office of clerk of court for Lincoln County.1861
32Rufus K. PagePetition requesting that Charles F. Stevens be appointed or employed to supervise the improvements of ventilation and heating for the Insane Hospital.1861
33Samuel PageRecommending that Peter Thacher be appointed to the Supreme Judicial Court.1859
34Samuel C. PagePetition for the appointment of John Diggles to the office of Trial Justice.1860
35Simon PageA petition recommending Jonas Burnham to be appointed to the office of Suprerintendent of Common Schools.1859
36Thomas PageRequesting the act of incorporation for the Town of Burlington.1832
37William H. PageEndorsing the commission of William H. Page as Justice of the Peace.1822

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