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1Amos F. ParlinA few communications dealing with the resignation from the office of clerk of the courts for Washington County and a recommendation for another person to become the clerk of courts for Washington County.1856
2Amos F. ParlinRecommending that Amos F. Parlin not be appointed to the office of Trial Justice to take the place of Mr. Cole.1860
3J. J. ParlinRecommending the appointment of J. J. Parlin to the office of Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum for Somerset County.1871
4J. J. ParlinPetiton recommending the appointment of Albert G. Emery to the office of clerk of the court for Somerset County.1867
5Jonas ParlinAcknowedging the receipt of 43 copies of a resolve for ascertaining the expences of making and repairing roads and bridges within this State.1833
6Jonas ParlinAcknowledging the receipt of copies of a proclamation for distribution.1833
7Seth ParlinPetition recommending the appointment of Elbridge G. Pratt as commissioner on state valuation.1869
8Seth ParlinPetition recommending the appointment of Nathaniel T. True, to the office of superintendent of schools.1860

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