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1A. S. PerhamRecommending the appointment of James T. Small as Coroner for Androscoggin County.1872
2A. S. PerhamRecommending the appointment of A. P. Tinker to solemnize marriages for the State of Maine.1873
3Joel PerhamNames of persons from whom letters have been received.1867
4Joel Perham, Jr.Recommending the appointment of Henry C. Reed to the office of Judge of Probate for Oxford County.1867
5S. PerhamS. L. Goodale, Joseph Percival, and J. C. Weston appointed Commissioners under Sec. 14, Chapter 132, Statutes of 1862.1871
6S. PerhamRegarding solemnizing a marriage.1872
7S. PerhamCongratulatory letter to the Governor.1883
8Sidney PerhamCommunication dealing with a recommendation to compensate a Mr. Watson for working so hard as he was involved with the Maine Soldiers Relief Association.1867
9Sidney PerhamRecommending the appointment of Andrew C. Walker to the office of Superintendent of Public Buildings.1867
10Sidney PerhamRequesting a commission as Trial Justices for Penobscot County.1871
11Sidney PerhamRecommending that D. E. Somes be appointed as a railroad commissioner.1858
12Sidney PerhamPetition recommending the appointment of Josiah S. Hobbs to the office of Trial Justice for the town of Paris.1860
13Sidney PerhamResignation from the office of clerk of the court for Oxford County.1863

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