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1A. PerkinsTransmitting four copies of the blank form of the Return prescribed by the Act to regulate Banks and Banking, passed March 31st, 1831.1835
2A. PerkinsReceived four copies of the blank form of returns for banks.1836
3A. PerkinsAcknowledging the receipt of four blank bank returns.1837
4A. PerkinsRequesting previously passed laws for the Town of Waterville.1837
5A. PerkinsAcknowledging receipt of blank bank returns.1838
6A. PerkinsAcknowledging the receipt of blank bank returns.1839
7A. PerkinsAcknowledging the receipt of semi annual bank returns.1842
8A. PerkinsAcknowledging the receipt of blank bank returns.1847
9A. L. PerkinsResignations from the office of trustees, State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts.1867
10Albert PerkinsLegislative members recommending the reappointment of George G. Stacy to the office of State Librarian.1867
11Albert PerkinsCommunication supporting the appointment of Edward H. C. Hooper to the office of Rail Road Commissioner.1858
12Albert PerkinsLetter from Wales Hubbard with a list of persons recommending him for Reporter of the Judicial Decisions.1859
13Albert PerkinsRecommending Wales Hubbard to appointed to the office of Reporter of Decisions of the Supreme Judicial Court.1859
14Alexander PerkinsCommunication relating to the law of June 27, 1849, Capter 99.1856
15Asa PerkinsRecommending the appointment of Davis Tillson to the office of clerk of the courts for Knox County.1860
16Asa PerkinsPetition recommending the appointment of Beder Fales to the office of Trial Justice for Knox County.1860
17Asa PerkinsApplication of the officers of the State Prison favoring execution of Francis C. Spencer.1864
18Augustine PerkinsAcknowledging the receipt of blank bank forms.1837
19B. A. PerkinsPetition recommending the appointment of Oliver T. Beale to the office of Keeper of the arsenal.1861
20C. PerkinsAccount of the clerk of the court of commissioners within Washington County.1867
21C. A. PerkinsPetition remonstrating the removal of Edward Partridge from his office as Fish warden in Penobscot County.1870
22Charles PerkinsPetition recommending the reappointment of Jacob Smith to be the judge of the Municipal Court in the City of Bath.1868
23Charles E. PerkinsRecommending the appointment of Cyril Pearl to the office of Superintendent of Common Schools.1859
24Daniel PerkinsRecommending the appointments of Daniel Perkins to the office of Coroner for Hancock County, and Daniel T. Eldridge to the office of Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum within Hancock County.1868
25Daniel M. PerkinsRecommending Barney S. Hill to be appointed to the commission to concerning the valuation of the counties.1859

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