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Secretary of State Correspondence


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51Luther E. PiercePetition recommending the appointment of Prentiss M. Fogler to the office of Register of Deeds for Kennebec County.1870
52Marshall PiercePetition recommending Abiatha W. Leavitt to Pilot the port of Saco.1872
53Marshall PierceRecommending the appointment of Horace Piper to the office of Superintendent of Common Schools.1859
54Nathan PierceRecommending the appointment of Luke Brown as a commissioner relating to the act providing for the acquisition of municipal war debts.1868
55Nathan PierceRecommending John P. Ames to the office of Trial Justice.1860
56Nathan PiercePetition recommending the appointment of John W. V. Norwood to the office of Register of Deeds for Knox County.1860
57Nathan PierceCertificate to Senators elect.1860
58Nathan Pierce, Jr.Recommending Peter Thacher as judge for the Supreme Judicial Court.1859
59Nicholas PierceReplying to a letter of inquiry regarding Nicholas Pierce.1869
60Nicholas PierceA list of resolves where the petitions should be examined to see if the cases are within the Treaty of Washington.1853
61Nicholas PierceCommunication dealing with the reimbursement from the United States to the State of Maine regarding individuals who were hurt while defending the North eastern boundary dispute.1857
62Sewall N. PierceCommunication regarding the legality of organization for Mars Hill and questions concerning what a plantation can do.1866
63Stephen F. PierceRequesting the appointment of Thomas C. Davis to the office of trial justice for the town of Windsor.1867
64W. J. PierceRegarding his commission as Commissioner of Deeds for the State of Maine within the State of Pennsylvania.1872

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