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1R. C. PingreePetition recommending the appointment of Thomas Littlefield to the office of Sheriff of Androscoggin County.1870
2R. C. PingreeRecommending an appointment for D. W. LeLacheur to solemnize marriages for the State of Maine.1873
3Ransom C. PingreeRecommending the appointment of Ransom C. Pingree to the office of Justices of the peace.1870
4S. Pingree Petition recommending the appointment of Charles Buffum as Indian Agent for the Penobscot Tribe.1864
5Samuel PingreeReappointment of Samuel Pingree as Justice of the Peace.1821
6Thomas P. Pingree, Jr.Acknowledging the receipt of his commission as Commissioner for the State and to take the acknowledgments of Deed, etc. for the State within the State of Massachusetts.1856
7William PingreePetition recommending the appointment of Cyrus Ingalls to the office of Trial Justice.1861

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