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1A. RedingtonCommunication relating to the receipt of Mr. Redington for the copies of the Maine Reports.1852
2Alfred RedingtonCommunicatin notifying that there is a vacancy within the command of the sixth Division of the Maine Militia.1843
3Alfred RedingtonResignation from the commanding office of the eigth division of the Maine Militia.1844
4Alfred RedingtonInforming that there are vacancies within the militia.1847
5Alfred RedingtonInforming that there is a vacancy in the office of Major General of the 5th Division of the Maine Militia.1847
6Alfred RedingtonA statement regarding the requisition of muskets for the Maine Militia from the United States.1848
7Alfred RedingtonResignation from the office of Adjutant General of the State of Maine.1850
8Asa RedingtonCommunication from treasurer of State--Schedule of Surities on bonds of the several sheriffs.1835
9Asa RedingtonResignation of Asa Redington, Jr. as County Commissioner.1835
10Asa RedingtonCommunication involving the generous donations of Mr. Brown and Mr. Williams so that the State would be able to build an Insane Hospital in Augusta.1835
11Asa RedingtonResignation from the office of Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum.1836
12Asa RedingtonResignation from the office of Treasurer of the State.1837
13Asa RedingtonResignation from the office of Justice of the District Court.1848
14Asa RedingtonAcknowledging the receipt of copies of the Maine Reports.1852
15Asa RedingtonAcknowledging the receipt a copy of reports of cases in land and equity determined by the Supreme Judicial Court of Maine.1852
16Asa Redington, 1789-1874Regarding the controling of immigrants from coming into the State from Quebec at the time of an outbreak of Cholera. Also the businesses in the various towns were requesting reimbursement from the State.1832

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