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1C. C. RoundsPetition recommending the appointment of Robert Goodenow to the office of Judge of Probate for Franklin County.1870
2Charles B. RoundsRecommending the appointment of Charles B. Rounds to the office of Trial Justice within Washington County.1868
3Charles B. RoundsRecommending the reappointment of Jonathan G. Dickerson.1869
4Charles B. RoundsResignation from his office as County Attorney in Washington County.1883
5Samuel RoundsRecommending the appointment of Cyril Pearl to the office of Superintendent of Common Schools.1860
6William RoundsRecommending the appointment of David Worcester to the office of Superintendent of Common Schools.1859
7William H. RoundsRecommending the appointment of Elliot King to the office of Justices of the Peace for Androscoggin County.1873

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