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1F. M. SabinePetition recommending A. W. Paine to be appointed Insurance Commissioner.1870
2F. M. SabineRecommending the appointment of A. C. Flint to the office of Register of Probate for Penobscot County.1870
3F. M. SabinePetition recommending the appointment of John Short to be the keeper of the Bangor Arsenal.1860
4F. W. SabineRecommending the appointment of David Worcester to the office of Superintendent of Common Schools.1859
5George W. SabinePetition of George W. Nutt to be appointed Indian Agent for the Passamaquoddy tribe.1859
6Simeon SabineInquiring as to where a commission was given to Simeon Sabine and if it was, Mr. Sabine would like to receive it upon his paying the fee.1833

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