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1______ SpencerCommunication relating to the $76,786.73 being transferred to the State of Maine.1843
2Alvin B. SpencerRecommending the appointment of Alvin B. Spencer to the office of Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum for York County.1871
3Charles S. SpencerPetition recommending the appointment of Samuel Adler as a Commissioner of Deeds for the State of Maine within the State of New York.1871
4Daniel W. SpencerRecommending the appointment of Daniel W. Spencer to the office of Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum for York County.1870
5Francis C. SpencerApplication of the officers of the State Prison favoring execution of Francis C. Spencer.1864
6Isaac SpencerReceived the warrant for execution of Isaac Spencer.1836
7Isaac SpencerReceived the Executive warrant extending the time for the execution of Isaac Spencer.1836
8Isaac SpencerReceived a warrant commuting the sentence of Isaac Spencer.1836
9J. C. SpencerA warrant for the sum of $150,000 has been issued in favor of Samuel L. Harris as authorized by the Congress involving the act of the treaty between the United States and Great Britian.1843
10J. C. SpencerTransmitting a complete set of all the weights and measures adopted as standards, for the use of the States respectively, to the end that an uniform system of weights and measures may be established nationally.1843
11J. C. SpencerTransmitting $206,934.79 due the State of Maine for expenses incurred in protecting the disputed territory.1843
12John C. SpencerTransmitting the laws passed by the State of New York.1839
13John C. SpencerTransmitting copies of the laws passed by the New York Legislature.1840
14John C. SpencerTransmitting laws passed by the New York Legislature.1841
15John C. SpencerRequesting to disignate the description of arms which will be required by the State of Maine for the year 1842. Also requested to say where and to whom the stores shall be delivered. Apportionment of arms inclosed.1841
16Joseph M. SpencerState of Maine in account with J. Varnum Putnam, Treasurer of Aroostook County.1854
17Samuel SpencerRecommending the appointment of Cyril Pearl to the office of Superintendent of Common Schools.1860
18Thomas SpencerCommunication relating to the apprehension of Thomas Spencer for stealing according to the 10th article of the Treaty of Washington.1845

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