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1George A. ThatcherCommunication from the City of Bangor Assessors.1859
2George A. ThatcherPetition recommending the appointment of William Sandford to the office of keeper of the Bangor arsenal.1860
3George S. ThatcherRequesting that Edward W. Gilman receive a license to solemnize marriages.1858
4P. ThatcherNumber of cases on the docket of the SJC for Cumberland County and attorny's names.1868
5Peter ThatcherRequesting a commission as Commissioner of Deeds for the State of Maine within the State of Massachusetts.1872
6Peter ThatcherPetition recommending Peter Thatcher to the Supreme Judicial Court's Bench.1859
7Peter ThatcherRecommending Peter Thatcher for the position on the Supreme Judicial Court's Bench.1859
8Peter ThatcherRecommending the appointment of Peter Thatcher to the Supreme Judicial Court.1859
9Peter ThatcherList of principal names to be appointed to various county positions.1861
10Peter ThatcherCommunication concerning the claims of Allen and O'Brien against the State.1861
11Peter ThatcherSchedule of recommendations regarding Republicans presented by George B. Sawyer.1861
12Samuel Thatcher, Jr.Acknowledging the receipt of his commission as Commissioner for the State and to take the acknowledgments of Deed, etc. for the State within the State of Minnesota.1851

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