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1Isaac M. TraftonRequesting that execution be reinstated.1883
2J. N. TraftonRecommending the appointment of Bela Townsend to the office of Trial Justice for York County.1870
3Mark TraftonRequesting a copy of a resolve dealing with the Indian Agent to pay for the support of Old Peol Toma five dollars a month during his life time. Also, requesting a copy of a treaty in 1818 between Massachusetts and Penobscot Indians.1834
4Mark TraftonRequesting directions from the Governor as to his duty as agent for the Penobscot Indian Tribe.1832
5William TraftonRegarding the Journal of the Senate.1834
6William TraftonRequesting an acknowledgment to receiving the Journal of the Senate.1836
7William TraftonStatement of the number of entries at the court of County Commissioners Court of Common Pleas, District Court and Supreme Judicial Court for York County for the years 1836-1842.1843
8William TraftonTransmitting a table which exhibits a full and correct statement of the proceedings of the Courts in York County.1846
9William TraftonCommunication relating to the statistics for York County Counts.1847
10William Henry TraftonRecommending the appointment of William H. Trafton to solemnize marriages for the State.1872

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