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1Abner T. WadeRecommending the appointment of Abner T. Wade to the office of Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum.1870
2E. L. WadeRecommending Addison Martin to the office of Trial Justice for Piscataquis County.1860
3L. C. WadeMembers of the Cumberland Bar supporting Mr. Symonds.1868
4L. C. WadePetition recommending the appointment of Charles P. Mattocks as County Attorney.1870
5L. Clifford WadeRecommending the appointment of Joseph W. Symonds to the office of Judge of the Superior Court in Cumberland County.1868
6L. Clifford WadeGiving his support to Charles Goddard as judge to the Superior Court for Cumberland County as Mr. Symonds is dropping out.1868
7Levi E. WadeResignation as Warden; Sea and Shore Fisheries.1907
8R. H. WadePetition recommending the appointment of Edwin Rose to the office of clerk of the court for Lincoln County.1861

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