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1A. J. WeaverRequesting that A. J. Weaver be commissioned to solemnize marriages.1868
2A. J. WeaverRequesting a sponsorship so that he will be able to solemnize marriages.1868
3A. J. WeaverRequesting an appointment for A. J. Weaver to solemnize marriages.1868
4A. J. WeaverRecommending the appointment of A. J. Weaver to soleminze marriages.1868
5Charles E. WeaverAcknowledging the receipt of his commission as Commissioner for the State and to take the acknowledgments of Deed, etc. for the State within the District of Columbia.1852
6George W. WeaverPetition recommending the appointment of Prentiss M. Fogler to the office of Register of Deeds for Kennebec County.1870

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