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1Ammi WestPetition asking that the appointment of Ammi West as Justices of the Peace for the Town of Greene be revoked.1841
2Benjamin H. WestRequesting a copy of the law dealing with "baggage smashing".1869
3Benjamin W. WestPresenting names to the Governor and Council to be considered for confirmation as Fish Wardens.1872
4J. H. WestRequesting the list of names of men for the town of Eastbrook on municipal war debts.1870
5J. H. WestRegarding to the taxing of the westhalf of Township No. 10.1874
6J. H. WestRelating to paying the taxes for Township Number 10.1874
7John WestRecommending John West for another term as Justices of the peace and of the Quorum.1859
8L. S. Sackville WestCopy of a communication from the Department of the Secretary of State for Canada regarding the kidnapping of F. A. Tetu's son.1884
9Shubal C. WestRequesting that Cyrus Philbrick, Joseph C. Strout, Pascal E. Brown, Solomon T. Gerry, Shubal C. West, Horace Fales, and Albert G. Leonard receive a commission to solemnize marriages.1859
10Thomas WestInquiring as to whether the State of Maine has appointed a commissioner to serve on the board of railroad commissioners from Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.1844
11William N. WestRecommending the appointment of William N. West to the office of Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum for Hancock County.1872

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