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1Albert WinshipRecommending the appointment of Albert Winship to the office of Trial Justice for Androscoggin County.1872
2Enoch WinshipA petition recommending Jonas Burnham to be appointed to the office of Suprerintendent of Common Schools.1859
3J. O. WinshipList of members of the Republican County Committee for Cumberland County.1868
4John O. WinshipRecommending the appointment of Charles P. Mattocks to the office of County Attorney for Cumberland County.1870
5John O. WinshipRequesting the reappointment of his commission as Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum for Cumberland County.1870
6Richard WinshipPetition recommending the appointment of George A. Smith to the office of register of deeds within Franklin County.1868
7William A. WinshipPetition recommending the appointment of William E. Kimball to the office of keeper of the Portland arsenal.1861

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