Maine County Court Files
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FileYear (est.)CountyFile No.
21Ebenezer Sullivan & Joshua Pray (1791)1791York138050
22Ebenezer Sullivan, recognizance1791York138054
23Ames & Sullivan1791York138089
24John Sullivan & John Ames (1791)1791York138089
25Pray & Sullivan1791York138090
26John Sullivan & Joshua Pray (1791)1791York138090
27Costello & Sullivan1791York138124
28John Sullivan & John Costello (1792)1791York138124
29Cummings & Sullivan1792York138144
30Ebenezer Sullivan & Stephen Cummings (1792)1792York138144
31Haggins & Sullivan1792York138146
32Ebenezer Sullivan & John Haggins (1792)1792York138146
33Daniel Sewall, receipt to Ebenezer Sullivan, Esq.1792York138147
34Ebenezer Sullivan, Esq., receipt from Daniel Sewall1792York138147
35Pray & Sullivan1792York138153
36Ebenezer Sullivan & Joshua Pray (1791)1792York138153
37Pray & Sullivan1792York138156
38Ebenezer Sullivan & Joshua Pray (1791)1792York138156
39Clarke & Sullivan1792York138157
40John Sullivan & William Clarke (1792)1792York138157

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