Maine Court Records


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1J. N. M. Brewer, et al.RobbinstonWashingtonDebt1840
2James BrewerYorkProfanity1731
3John N. M. BrewerRobbinstonWashingtonDebt1840
4John N. M. BrewerWashingtonNeither Party Appears1840
5John N. M. BrewerRobbinstonWashingtonDebt1842
6John N. M. BrewerRobbinstonWashingtonDebt1842
7John N. M. BrewerRobbinstonWashingtonDebt1843
8John N. M. BrewerRobbinstonWashingtonDebt1844
9John N. M. BrewerWashingtonNeither Party Appears1845
10John N. M. BrewerRobbinstonWashingtonDebt1842
11John N. M. BrewerWashingtonNeither Party Appears1843
12John N. M. Brewer, et al.RobbinstonWashingtonDebt1843
13John N. M. Brewer, et al.RobbinstonWashingtonDebt1844
14Josiah BrewerOrringtonKennebecJudgement Recovery1800
15Margaret BrewerOrringtonKennebecCase1812
16Thomas BrewerRobbinstonWashingtonDebt1844
17Thomas BrewerBoston, Mass.KennebecDebt1816
18Thomas A. BrewerCalaisWashingtonDebt1839
19Thomas A. Brewer, et al.RobbinstonWashingtonDebt1846
20Thomas A. Brewer, et al.CalaisWashingtonDebt1840
21Thomas A. Brewer, et al.CalaisWashingtonDebt1842
22Thomas A. Brewer, et al.CalaisWashingtonDebt1842
23Thomas A. Brewer, et al.CalaisWashingtonDebt1845
24Thomas A. Brewer, et al.CalaisWashingtonDebt1840

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